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Service Center

The Atlas Truck Sales Service Center concentrates on maintaining your trucks so they can work as hard as you do. If you run a single truck or an entire fleet our 5000 sq. ft. hydraulic repair shop can handle all your repair needs. The services we offer include but are not limited to hydraulic and boom repairs, annual inspections, bucket replacements, and general service repair. For questions or to schedule an appointment please contact the service center at (281) 452–6700.


Atlas Truck Sales Delivery
Full List of Services
  • Hydraulic Repairs
  • Boom Repairs
  • Annual ‘Bucket’ & ‘Digger' Truck Inspections
  • Dielectric Testing
  • Bucket Replacement
  • Pumps Repaired
  • PTOs Repaired
  • Service Work
  • Delivery Anywhere in the U.S.
Atlas Truck Sales Delivery